Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Floating a Backpack Across a River

So I got some advice from Erik, a hardcore hiker who runs the site Erik's response as to whether to encase my whole backpack in plastic or just the contents inside, was that I should do both. Then at the end of his message he threw in, "Build a small raft for your backpack."

The neat thing about connecting in cyberspace is that no one has to know how flat-chested or unskilled you are. Erik, for example, obviously thinks that building a raft is a simple task that I can pull off instantly; meanwhile I can barely put two Legos together without help. I brought this up to my friends last Friday night at happy hour. Judgment clouded by too many beers, they enthusiastically volunteered their ideas for how I should build my raft.

"Just tie four sticks together," said one friend. Obviously, she doesn't know me like I thought she did.

"You could probably cut a swimming pool noodle into two pieces," hiccuped somebody else, and I took her beer away.

A third chimed in with, "Why don't you use an inflatable dinghy?" Clearly she thinks the Otter Trail comes with sherpas.

I haven't given up on the raft idea, but if it turns out the materials can't be found in nature (no assembly necessary) or won't fit in my backpack, I'm going to have to check into renting a helicopter.

P.S. BTW, Voluptuous is my middle name.


  1. Carry the damn thing on top of your head. Or, sporting goods stores sell water proof bags for canoing and such. Get one of those.If you really want to float it, just take a little kid lifesaver type swimming ring, blow in it to fill it up when you're read to use it and set your bag on top of it. Deflated, it would fit nicely in your back pack and not take up much space. Or find some tall, dark stranger to carry it for you. Being voluptuous, you shouldn't have a problem with that! LOL

  2. Willow, you must know (since you took gym class with me in high school) that I'm barely capable of the dog paddle, much less paddling while wearing a backpack on my head. As for floating it, do you have any idea how light I'd need to pack to do that? What if I need several adorable outfits to wear for that tall dark stranger? I'll go with your last option. Yay!

  3. i know....why dont you recruit the help of some South African sea rescue personell and they'll help you float your bag across!!

  4. LOL...good idea, Paul! It worked for me. And we are all looking forward to your blog debut, so everyone can see what the South Africa sea rescue team is all about!