Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crazy Talk from South Africa

I got a list of food requirements for our five days hiking the Otter Trail. These include:
  1. Vegetable extract
  2. Smash
  3. Rusks
  4. Glucose sweets
  5. Boerewors
  6. Briquettes for the first night braai
This sounds like some kind of wacky scavenger hunt. If I actually define and locate these things, will I be able to bring them in my carry-on?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Veg extract...u Bovril or Oxo except from veg...or do u guys call that vegemite??
    2. could u forget packet mashed potatoes...just add water.
    3. Rusks...those dried minuture bread loaf looking biscuits. Extra dried so they dont crumble and it allows you to soak it in your coffee.
    4. Glucose sweets...i presume you are on about the super c's???
    5. Boerewors...well Boer is Afrikaans for farmer and Wors is Afrikaans for Sausage. So Framer's sausage. Very tasty if dried like biltong.
    6. Briquettes for the braai..Well what do you call those little paraffin filled white blocks that you use to start a fire on which to barbeque (braai) meat on a n open fire? huh?huh? Course i dont think they'll let you bring the meat products on the airplane or the flammable stuff....unless you want to be arrested.