Friday, February 20, 2009

Pack Up Your Troubles, or The Trouble With Packing

Let's be perfectly honest: I have no business posting this blog today. Today is Packing Day, a 24-hour period devoted to the ritual of making a thousand little decisions that boil down to: Take this. Don't take that. Put this in the carry-on. This gets checked. Needs a smaller container. Needs a baggie.

And of course, the thousand decisions are multiplied by a factor of a hundred because this is a backpacking trip, and now I have to consider: Too heavy? Too bulky? Biodegradable? Won't operate without electricity?

It's more than I can bear, which is why I suddenly found the time for blogging; a quick workout at the gym; a favor for a friend; and dinner with my cousin who I haven't seen since the holidays.

Sit there in judgment if you must, but before that you might want to look deep inside yourself and ask:
1) Have I ever bought Christmas presents on December 24?
2) Did I ever pull an all-nighter in college to get a paper done?
3) Have I ever done my taxes on April 14?
4) Did I ever race to return DVD's to the video store before leaving on a trip?

Aw crap. Need to run to Blockbuster.

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